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When it comes to wallpapers, the creativity is limitless. All images can be used as wallpaper, from your own photos till your own creations on photoshop or another development program. Wallpapers can be very colurful or just in a specific color. We have wallpapers in many resolutions. The most common resolution is 1920*1080 that is the resolution that we call Full HD. We also have a resolution that is 4 times sharper than full HD, that resolution we call UHD also known as ultra high definition. There are so many wallpapers it goes from backgrounds, till pictures till animals and than way more. If you want a nice wallpaper you can search for it on google or just go to one of the many wallpaper sites. I discovered ther are so many wallpaper sites and even blogs about wallpapers. But that's not weird if we keep in mind that there are over a billion wallpapers. You can use wallpapers as e-cards, print them as gift card or whatever you like to do. You can also use them to train your photoshop skills. There also quotes, quotes are nice texts wich can be on a wallpaper. You can use them on your backscreen of your phone or whatever you like. Wallpapers can be used for anything just let your mind go!